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I am Felicity, welcome here you beautiful human I can't wait to meet you! 


I have a deep love for realness and relationship in my life. I live for the magic that life brings and the joy that it holds.  I spend most of my time searching for meaning + purpose in every little detail in my life. 

This is why I believe photography is the perfect job for me. It pushes me to focus on bringing the realness and authentic moments to life by capturing a moment in time. 

I don't want to just run a business that is fuelled by touch and go service, and we never talk again. 

I am here for you, I want to build meaningful relationships along the way. I want to get to know your story, I want to be able to document the meaningful and purpose filled moments in time that unfold in front of you and turn it into an over all experience for you and your loved ones.  After all if this is the only life we have I want to really pause and take it in alongside you. That is also why I think photography is so important. Time is so fleeting I noticed this more when I lost my great grandma(my soul mate and the woman who made who I am today) recently and at the same time birthed my first born daughter into the world. (CRAZY TIME I KNOW). Anyways It really made me realize how precious our lives truly are, and that photography allows us to keep those memories not just in your mind but as physical memories, close with the ones we love. Ever since my beautiful girl iris was born I really grown to appreciate the in between mundane moments and I value photography a lot more because it helps me pause the time that goes by ever so fast. Those early moment photographs I have with her during her birth to me are so significant and important to me, when I look back on them now I am brought back to those exact feelings, and emotions and day, and having a photograph of that memory  I will be able to carry them throughout my entire lifetime. That is why I put so much value on making sure my clients feel the same way with their photos. I want my photos to be something you feel and can look back one day on your front porch step and say oh yes the good ol' days, and feel as if the photograph brought you back to that exact feeling you felt long ago. 

I enjoy capturing moments very candidly, I don't like to put people in awkward poses that make them feel stiff. I want you to just show up and be you and let me capture that. There is an odd time I will use a prompt in the beginning to make you feel less camera shy but let me tell you by the end of our sessions we will be best friends and you will barely even notice we had a session because you were to busy enjoying the moment with your person/people. 

I like to have fun, people say I laugh a lot and that I get pretty excited for things and honestly I can 100% agree with them that this is true, I will make sure you feel safe and relaxed.  I will also most likely be very excited for you during our sessions.  

If you feel like we would get along and you are ready to laugh your face off or have those intimate and precious moments with your new family or your beloved partner. I would love to be apart of it all and I hope to capture your wedding day as your wedding photographer from the biggest to smallest details...

well what are you waiting for SAY HI!!!!!! 



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my daughter iris and I

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